ddiibbs for future drinks!

A marketplace for buying and selling options to purchase alcoholic beverages

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1. A new type of Coupon in the form of an Option
2. A ddiibb gives you the right to purchase (X) drinks for (Y) Price in a retail bar or restaurant.
3. ddiibbss can be purchased for the present or future

Used in a sentence

1. Speaking to friends looking for something to do: Who’s got ddiibbss?
2. Speaking to server: I would like to use a ddiibb for my order

ddiibbss are “options” issued by bar and restaurant owners, the options are for the present or future. A ddiibb gives you the right to purchase at the price and quantity outlined in the option through the business’s existing merchant processing system (all one transaction).

An example of a ddiibb option

Date to Execute: August 9, 2020
Quantity of Drinks: 5 (12oz)
Type of Drink: Craft Pilsner Beer
Price per Drink: $1.50
Cost at Bar: $7.50 (Plus tax and tip)

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