Got ddiibbss?


Looking to discover exciting new drink specials? Let ddiibbss navigate you to your next favorite happy hour. Bar and restaurant specials in a manageable application.

Support local. Enjoy spontaneously.

Here is an example of an ddiibb

A new type of a coupon, in the form of an option.

Example ddiibb

You discover ddiibbss by map or list view

Map View
List View

What is the cost to a consumer?

Our application does not charge the consumers to utilize the application or marketplace. Consumers are able to reserve and use as many ddiibbss as they like, however they are unable to reserve more than 1 of the same ddiibb. Consumers pay the price of the drinks in the ddiibb, plus tax and tip, once they arrive at the bar or restaurant.

Once reserved, present your device to your server for a QR scan, then enjoy the ride.

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