Bars & Restaurants


ddiibbss allow consumers to reserve the right to purchase specific drinks/specials at a predetermined price and quantity, redeemable only during the valid period.

Put yourself on the map by issuing options into the marketplace. Your business will be visible to consumers in discovery mode.

Creating ddiibbss is a simple process.

Simple Proces

Consumers discover ddiibbss in map or list view

Map View
List View

What is the cost to an issuer?

Get away from paying companies in hopes of getting someone in the door, we make sure they are in your door first.

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When a ddiibb is presented, it is scanned and redeemed with a smartphone.

Redeem ddiibbss

The device that scanned the QR code shows if the ddiibb is valid or not, outlines the drink type, price per drink and quantity they are able to purchase.

The ddiibbss menu selection button in your POS system is then selected by the server and you handle the transaction like any other.

Let’s grow your business together.